Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency launched on November 2017 through an Initial Coin Offering. This is the first British-made cryptocurrency. Of course cryptocurrencies are not entirely a new concept with bitcoin being around since 2008.

Other coins such as litecoinethereum, and many more have come up recently to challenge bitcoins dominance of the crytocurrency market share.

Knowledge about cryptocurrencies has been on the rise with many people opting to buy the coins and hold them until their prices increase.

For example a person who bought bitcoin in July 2010 when it was worth $0.04 would have made over 140000 times his initial investment by October 2017. Bitcoin now trades at around $5600.

There are many advantages to investing in a new cryptocurrency like electroneum. First you would be investing a lot less money for one coin as compared to the already established coins and it will generate you passive income streams.

The coin is currently trading at $0.01 and predictions put it at $0.75-$1 in the next 6 months. That is 100% increase in value within the next half-year alone.

Seeing as how most cryptocurrencies start out small and end up exploding in value, I would advise someone to invest in a new crytpocurrency rather than spend a ton of money on the already established coins.

Electroneum is a unique cryptocurrency in that it is meant for the mobile market. It has a unique blockchain that makes it easy to manage the coin and even mine the coin on your mobile phone.

This gives electroneum an advantage over any other cryptocurrency. Most coins are difficult to get hold of and spend with transactions taking too much time. With electroneum you are guaranteed instant transactions right from your mobile phone.

Also electroneum has a larger number of total coins that will be mined at 21 billion. This compared to bitcoins 21 million makes the coin more realistic in daily transactions.

If you wanted to buy something worth $5 using bitcoin you would use 0.00089286 bitcoins. Some people could find this rather confusing. Electroneum seeks to reduce the confusion by making the figure more of a whole number.

Hence electroneum is the cryptocurrency to invest your money in. It is highly recommended to invest early to make maximum profits.

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Simple Steps on How to Make Your Own Blog


Blogging is considered as top three most efficient ways of making money via the internet. Starting your own bogging site can be one of the simplest and most effective ways of sharing your ideas and connecting to this beautiful world. The interesting most part about the blog your just about to make in a few steps below, is that you can use it to promote your business and make money out of it. A few years back making a blog required lots of skills on coding language such as HTML,PHP and CSS, but today making a blog can be as simple as creating an email account. Below are simple tips on how to make you own blog

1. Choose your own blogging platform

A blogging platform is a service or software that will enable you to share your ideas into the internet via a blog. There are several types of blogging platforms and knowing which platform to use is a key determinant on whether you will be successful in coming up with your first blog or not. The most popular bogging platforms are tumblr, Blogger and Word Press. Over 52% of bogs created are created using WordPress.It is the most convenient blogging platform for you to make your own blog It requires no cost, has many themes to make your designs look top class, user friendly and most of all suits someone who’ve never created a blog before.

2. Choose your domain name

The backbone of your blog is your domain. It is your identification string that defines your autonomy, authority or control over the internet. The domain becomes the first impression to anyone who visits your blog, your domain defines your ranking in the search engines and most importantly it defines your brand. Few basic tips on how to choose a domain name.

i).Choose a brand-able domain names over a generic one-Make it unique in such a way it stands out from the other competitors. A generic one is full of keywords and not memorable

ii) Be concise-Top blog in the world are short and clear. Simple as it is and a unique brand makes your domain stand out.

iii) Easy to type and pronounce-The domain name should be as easy as uttering or typing your name.

3. Sign up with web host and install WordPress

The importance of a web host is that it enables everyone to access your blog. As the name suggests it will host your content, from images to files that your blog has and displays it to your blog visitors.

i) Sign up with a web hosting provider.

ii) Choose your hosting plan (price your willing to pay and benefits will guide you).

iii) Choose the domain name you want (In most web hosts it’s given for free).

iv) Write down your contact details

v) Install your WordPress.

vi) Login into your blog.

4. Customize your blog and choose your theme

The theme you choose and the way you customize your blog is what gives your blog an attractive look. That is what creates first impression to your visitors. What they see first can make them stay or ignore your content. The dashboard gives you all the options you can play with to pull that look for your blog.

Once you are inside your blog learn how to navigate about the various menu items.

5. Learn how to add a post and pages

This is now the time! Get down and create your first bog. Under this section there are various sections of a blog that you will get familiar with for the content to look good. Such are the title, content, editing, publishing and additional fine tools. You will also learn how to add links to your content.

6. Get traffic and monetize your blog

The sweet part of blogging is seeing traffic in it. This is what measures the quality of your content or product. If your content is entertaining and informative the it will only mean that people would want to read more and more. At this point you can easily monetize your blog.

How to Start Your Own Blog and Get Paid

Blogging can be highly lucrative. Here are a few helpful tips on how to start your own blog and start getting paid.

First You Need to Know What a Blog is.

A blog is an online platform where you share stories, information, or helpful content. You can write about almost anything on your blog and people will flock to reading it. You may have some of your own favorite blogs you currently follow. A blog is an easily accessible place where people can learn new things or find interesting content.

What Should My Blog Be About

You want to make sure that your blog is something that offers others value. Do you have a hobby that interests you? Are you well trained in a specific field? Maybe you have extensive knowledge on a topic that other people want to know more about. Bring this valuable information to your blog and people will be more inclined to subscribe and keep coming back to read your posts. Some even have blogs that share stories and give people insight into your life. If you are interesting, people will read about you.

How Do I Host My Blog

Once you decide on a topic, there are multiple websites you can use to host your blog. You can start a blog though WordPress, blogger, or build a website with an easy-to-use platform like square space. Once you have decided which platform you want to use, you can host your domain name through godaddy.com or wordpress.com. This will make your blog appear to be much more credible to readers and they will be more inclined to read it.

How Do I Monetize My Blog

There are many ways to make money through your blog once you have found a topic, a domain name, and a platform to host it on. One option is to allow ads on your blog. When you have ads on your blog that relate to the topic of your blog, your readers will be likely to click the ads that interest them. When this happens, you get money every time someone clicks on an ad. This is the pay per click method. The other way you can make money is through affiliates. Work with companies and promote their items and when your readers make a purchase, you get a percentage of the sales. You just have to write trustworthy reviews about the items to get the readers interested.

Now You Can Get Started!

Now that you know the basics on how to start your own blog, go ahead and give it a try. With the proper dedication and a passion for bringing others valuable information, you’ll be bringing in money in no time. Who knows, you could even end up earning 6-figures a year! The sky is the limit with blogging, Start your own blog today!